The students were commissioned to produce a piece of public art using digital design and fabrication tools. Working with the client Mesa Court Housing, industry partner Closed Loop Plastics, and equipment provided by The Green Initiative Fund, the class converted polystyrene plastic waste into 3D printer filament—this material was then used to assemble an original sculpture embodying Mesa Court’s strong essence of community, a “home away from home” for the first year residents.

How to convince college students to go green and properly recycle their polystyrene plastics labeled as PS #6 for a greater common good

Our class planned for a campus-wide initiative to encourage undergraduates to collect their plastic coffee lids and cups in return for an abundance of prizes, including a 3D printer worth $700, gift cards, and gift bags from the campus bookstore. 
A cohesive visual identity is key to fostering an identifiable association with our end goal. I established the consistent use of grey and teal color pairings and circular graphic elements resembling recyclable coffee lids across all branded marketing collateral. 
Branding deliverables include logo design, color usage, flyers, posters, stickers, infographics, social media templates and print & screen signage.
Due to the common raccoon sightings near resident housing, they have become Mesa Court's unofficial mascot.
As part of our campus-wide initiative, these infographics depicting the current competition among all the residents of Mesa Court served to keep them excited to contribute to the final sculpture piece.​​​​​​​

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